The Jamaica Reggae Ride will take cyclists on a 3 day, escorted bike ride across the scenic northcoast of the island of Jamaica. The route passes through stunning landscapes, passing coconut & banana plantations, white sand beaches and through quaint fishing villages. Road conditions are excellent along beautifully paved roads!

There is are two distance options offered each day. Full distance of approx 60 miles or the shorter ride distance of  around 28 miles.

There will be some fast flats and a few climbs, but we cater to ALL pace levels. If you are an elite cyclist, be prepared to be challenged by the island's top champions and if you are a novist or intermediate cyclist, know that we make it fun for everyone and there is full service support at all times along the way. You are not given a daily route guide to find your own way! You are escorted!! This is a concierge service tour!

Our stops are well planned so as to ensure everyone experiences the real Jamaica: we will have a rest stop at a farmer's market, have a visit with local school children and you have the option to climb a cascading 600ft waterfall! The Jamaican people are warm and genuinely friendly.

You'll get to meet them up close and in their real world!

There is time in the afternoons to meet up with fellow cyclists, spouses and friends to explore the island's beaches, restaurants and attractions or to take in a massage or visit a spa.

So come on, let's ride!
Let us show you why Jamaica is truly the "heartbeat" of the Caribbean


Montego Bay Airport (MBJ)
Airport transfer to Negril


Two ride options for cyclists:

  • Negril to Montego Bay  53 miles OR
  • Negril to Lucea                25  miles

There are scenic views of the Caribbean with smooth gently undulating, well paved roads from Negril. We stop at the Lucea farmers market for freshly cut coconuts from the farmer we call " SUGAR" who has been serving our tours since 2009! Those doing the shorter route are transported by bus from  Lucea onwards to the hotel.


Two ride options for cyclists:

  • Montego Bay to Ocho Rios    60 miles OR 
  • Montego Bay to Rio Bueno    26  miles

Today sees us heading along the northcoast of the island, along perfectly paved roads, that goes through historic places like Runaway Bay, where slaves escaped by boats, and Discovery Bay where Christopher Columbus first set foot on Jamaican soil. There are a few climbs along the way!

Even those doing the shorter distance get to  challenge themselves! We stop at the Joe James Gallery where school children come out to sing  and we have a visit from a nearby orphanage (our official charity). Those choosing the shorter distance end here and are transported by bus onwards to the hotel.

After lunch there is an option to stop at the island's number on attraction: Dunns River Waterfalls. (Entrance fee not included) Here the water cascades from 660ft straight into the warm Caribbean sea, and we have the challenge to climb to the very top! Its as exhilarating as it is invigorating and not to be missed!



Two ride options for cyclists:

  • Ocho Rios- Port Antonio       69 miles
  • Ocho Rios -  Annotto  Bay     33 miles

This morning’s start from Ocho Rios goes along the scenic eastern coast. The vegetation gets more lush and even more breathtaking. We pass through Oracabessa (Golden Head) and Port Maria, areas made famous by Ian Fleming who created his famous hero ‘James Bond’ whilst at his vacation home near here. We cycle past banana plantations and small towns, with spectacular coastal views, framed by the distant Blue Mountains. Port Antonio, home to the rich and famous, still retains its quiet, laid-back charm.

We celebrate the end of our ride with a buffet lunch and time to relax on the beach at Frenchman's Cove.


Transport from  Ocho Rios to Montego Bay airport


Route changes:

Every effort will be made to adhere to the planned route. Any unforeseen adjustments will be noted on our website in advance of the event , noted on the route guides, or explained by our Ride tour Leaders and Road Master during the Jamaica Reggae Ride. There are no refunds or compensations for any route changes, whatsoever.